My husband and I love Tiramisu so much. I think it is the perfect  combination of cake and cream. The more I eat, the more I love it. It’s one of those recipes that needs to sit a while. The longer it sits, the better. For best result refrigerate  for 48 hours. I made my tiramisu  yesterday and I couldn’t  wait 2 days. One day was enough  for me. My tiramisu  was absolutely  amazing.  Everyone  loved  it from first  bite.Tiramisu

For my tiramisu  I used the Savoiardi ladyfingers. Then I made  my espresso using espresso  granules. I think the coffee taste is essential for having a good tiramisu. I also used rum. The alcohol is also one of the important ingredients  and shouldn’t be left out. I mixed the egg whites and 1 tablespoon sugar until stiff peaks form. Then whisked together egg yolks and 5 tablespoons  sugar until well blended. Then folded mascarpone cheese into the egg yolk mixture and also added egg whites into mascarpone  mixture (make  sure to have your mascarpone cheese at room temperature before using it). What about ladyfingers  don’t  dip both sides of the ladyfingers.  It makes tiramisu  runny. I covered the bottom  of the dish (you can use any size dish or pan, because you can chop the ladyfingers  into whatever length  you need) with ladyfingers and then I did a layer of cream, second layer of ladyfingers  second  layer of cream. Covered  and refrigerated for 24 hours. Don’t  forget  to sprinkle your cocoa on just before serving  or it will get moist. I also added some chocolate  shavings  on top of the cocoa. Be careful  one piece  of this delicious  tiramisu  has tons of calories.


Prep time
Total time
Serves: 10-12
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 package Savoiardi ladyfingers
  • 2 tablespoons rum
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 pound mascarpone cheese
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup coffee
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Beat 5 tablespoons sugar, egg yolks and vanilla extract in a bowl using an electric mixer until smooth. Then add mascarpone cheese to egg-sugar mixture and beat until smooth.
  2. Beat egg whites and 1 tablespoon suger in a bowl using an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Then fold egg whites into mascarpone mixture.
  3. Pour espresso and rum into a shallow dish.
  4. Don't dip both sides of ladyfingers into the coffee mixture. It makes tiramisu runny. Dip 1 side of each ladyfingers into the còffe mixture and arrange in a bottom of prepared dish.
  5. Spread half of mascarpone mixture over ladyfingers and repeat with remaining ladyfingers and mascarpone mixture.
  6. Cover and refrigerate at least 24 hours.
  7. Sprinkle cocoa just before serving.

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